Mahnam vegetable noodle with peanut butter sauce

Mahnam vegetable noodle with peanut butter sauce

1. Boiling the water in a pot

2. Stir well the peanut butter, Cloves, maple syrup, vinegar and warm water in a bowel with a mixer. If the sauce is too dense, add some water. If you like saltier sauce, add some salt or soy sauce.
3. Add the Mahnam noodle to boiled water and then drains.
4. Add the broccoli to boiled water and let it to cocked for 2 or 3 minutes just to turn light green. Be careful that the broccoli not cock high and remain its crispiness. Drain the broccoli with cold water.
5. Mix the noodle, purple cabbage, peanuts, carrots and onions in a big bowel; then pour a layer of the peanut sauces on it. Repeat this.
6. You can serve this unique meal with hot sauce and peanut butter.
7. You can also add roasted fish, salmon and shrimp in order to add protein to the meal.




sufficient amount

Mahnam vegetable noodle



4 cups

Chopped purple cabbage

2 cups

Chopped onion from green and white parts


Salty peanuts


hot sauce


peanut butter


Grated cloves

1 seer

Maple syrup

1 tablespoon

Hot water


Apple vinegar

1 tablespoon


easy peanut noodles

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